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Industrial & Commercial Pre-Engineered Building Systems


Keystone Features

KYNAR® 35 YEAR LONG-LIFE FINISH: Roof and wall panels feature long-life Kynar® paint over a Galvalume Plus® coated substrate with a 35/35-year warranty on both film-integrity and chalk-and-fade. Superior to silicon polyester paints. Don't be fooled by 40/30 silicon polyester warranties                                                        
AZ-55 GALVALUME PLUS® SUBSTRATES: 25 yr- 6 month rust through mill-backed warranty. Rust resistant for longer life and lower maintenance costs! Superior to bare Galvalume.                                                               
26 GAUGE PBR ROOF & WALL PANELS: 24% heavier than 29 gauge. The Purlin Bearing Rib (PBR) on both roof & wall panels provides greater strength at overlaps, prevents panel crippling during  the screw-down process, eliminates moisture infiltration, and provides a weather-tight fit.
STAINLESS CAP SELF-DRILLING FASTENERS: Lifetime-warranty against red rust on the heads.
PREMIUM GREY MAIN FRAMES: Main frames are shot-blasted & primer painted through an automated state-of-the-art electrostatic paint line, and each beam gets oven cured for maximum protection.
FACTORY WELDED PURLIN & GIRT CLIPS: Eliminates bolting in the field. Applied in compliance with IAS standards by AWS/CWB certified welders! Ensures accurate alignment, fewer loose parts, faster erection times, and lower labor costs. In-house welding inspector ensures quality.
GALVANIZED SECONDARY FRAMING: 5 times the life against oxide primer, passing over 100 hours in salt spray (ASTMB-117).
COMPLETE TRIM PACKAGES: Base trim, eave trim, jamb trim, jamb cover trim, rake trim, etc. always included.
IAS ACCREDITED (US) / CSA A-600 (CANADA) CERTIFIED: Quality controlled fabrication with fast turn-around times.
IN-HOUSE ENGINEERING: Blueprints are stamped by professional engineers for all 50 states and Certificates of Design are included as well.
STATE OF-THE-ART MANUFACTURING FACILITY: One of America's newest, most modern and advanced 158,000 square feet
metal building plants---with state of-the art plasma cutters, pull-through submerged arc welding and structural shot blast and paint line.

FACTORY DELIVERY TRUCKS: Factory owned fleet of trucks deliver with attention to detail and are guaranteed to be on time!